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Leveraging Data for Bootstrapped Product Growth with Victor Rius

Leveraging Data for Bootstrapped Product Growth with Victor Rius

There are enormous opportunities hidden within your product's data, and we hope this episode will guide you in discovering them.

Meet Viktor Rius, a seasoned product manager, and digital product creator with a decade of experience. He started as an iOS developer in 2014 and later transitioned into more strategic roles. Besides his main job, Viktor actively builds his own products and early-stage startups to shape their product strategies.

Viktor's diverse portfolio includes successful ventures such as:

  • Apnea Training App

  • Kmetrix App

  • Knife Royale

In this episode, Victor answers a series of questions about indie and bootstrapped products, the role of data in iterative growth, balancing qualitative and quantitative data, and advice for growth teams who are eager to systematize their data use but struggle to piece it all together. Here are some of the podcast's topic highlights

  1. Organizing Data for Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

  2. Getting Started with Data Collection

  3. Idealistic Vs. Realistic Product Management

  4. Simplifying Activation and Retention

  5. Pitfalls in startups that are attempting to use data for growth

As product managers and founders, there are immense possibilities hidden within data that could catalyze your product's success. Our engaging discussion with Victor will illuminate these avenues and shed light on effective strategies for better user activation. We delve into the complex balance between quantitative and qualitative data and explore its impact on product-market fit.

Where to find Viktor Rius:

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