About Adasight

Adasight is a Growth Consultancy that leverages advanced methodologies and growth analytics to offer actionable strategies to our clients. Our name is inspired by Ada Lovelace, a pioneering mathematician and visionary from the 19th century who is widely considered the world's first computer programmer.

Four Core Areas

  1. Equip SMBs and startups with data-driven growth strategies.

  2. Implement the latest tools and technologies for precise data collection and tracking.

  3. Align your business goals, KPIs, and initiatives for optimum outcomes.

  4. Break down business processes & KPI hierarchies for clearer insights.

Dayana and Gregor have a distinguished history in their respective fields. Dayana has garnered extensive expertise from her tenure with global powerhouses like Booking.com and notable European entities like Bigsearch and Bidmath. Gregor, conversely, has built an impressive portfolio in data consultancy, having worked with industry leaders such as Optimizely and Amplitude.

We are passionate about assisting startups and founders in amplifying their product growth through a refined analytics approach. Our concept of "Growth Analytics" stands as a testament to our approach, aiming to seamlessly integrate marketing analytics with product analytics.

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Adasight helps founders, product managers, and marketers to build high-growth and B2C companies.


I provide strategies for startups & SMBs to grow using data. Solve tough growth hurdles, aid at every stage - from solid analytics setup to effective growth models. Topics: 1. Data-driven growth tactics 2. Tracking tech 3. Goal alignment.
We solve the toughest growth challenges for startups and scale-Ups, and support your team at every stage of your journey - from setting up a robust analytics stack to crafting a powerful growth and experimentation model.